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Unlike many shops in Hanoi that sell Chinese copy cats, Hidden Vietnam only has used Japanese Honda off-road motorbike for sale. They can be dirt bikes, touring motorcycles, cruisers, or scooters that we no longer use because of the regular upgrade to better fleets. These used motorbikes for sale are still good and can handle all Vietnamese roads. Safety and reliability are our prime concerns.

Most of the tourists come to Vietnam and buy Chinese copy cats of the famous Honda Win 100cc. These generic bikes come with electric start and available in 100 and 110cc (Japanese Honda Win only comes with kick start and 100cc). Chinese bikes are so small and we never use, buy, or sell this model. They are in the 100-300$US range but we put performance, quality, safety, reliability, and comfort of riding on top of prices. Our smallest touring bike is 125cc and 110cc for scooters!

You can come, check, and ride test the bikes anytime between 8am and 12pm and 2pm to 5pm between Monday and Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

Photos of the bikes below are the real bikes that we sell and were taken very recently. All of them were fully serviced by our team, not employees, they are clean and ready for your many coming adventures on two wheels. In fact, we understood the importance of services and maintenance and prepare the bikes much better than at any dealer shop in Hanoi. Our commitment to any of our used bike for sale:
– Engine guarantee for two months, no oil burning or leaking;
Everything works;
– Tires are from 50% to new;
– Drive chain and sprockets are good for at least 10,000km;
Full fuel tank;
– Nice and clean, washed by ourselves;
– Among the best you can find in Hanoi. You buy an iron horse, not a crap!

2016 Honda Off-road Motorbikes: XR150L 150cc (1,600 – 1,800$US each)

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi: Honda XR150L 150cc.

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi: Honda XR150L dirt bike 150cc.

Honda XR150L is proven and carefully tested by many local riders and travellers in Vietnam and it offers the best balance of comfort, performance, and price. The engine and the seat are the best things to consider in 150cc off-road motorbike range. For around 40 million Dongs, it’s hard to find a better bike with spare parts availability like this model. Honestly, it is a great value and investment and serves you for many years to come.

2013 – 2015 Honda Semi-Automatic Scooters: Wave & Blade 10cc (600 – 650$US each)

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi: Honda Blade 110cc.

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi, Vietnam: Honda Wave RS 110cc.

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi: Honda Wave S 110cc.

Hidden Vietnam has been using this type of since 2006. In fact, we upgrade to a newer fleet very regularly. The used scooters above for sale are in great condition, well serviced, have all replacements needed, and work like champs.

Made in between 2013 and 2015 in Vietnam, single-cylinder4 rotary speeds, 100kg, disc or drum brakes, and delivers from 7to 9HP. The wheels come with 17″ front and back which make small potholes very easily. All used scooters for sale have electric and kick-start which makes it easy to start the bike if the battery is low. Available in varied colours. Recent service, maintenance, and replacements assure them in good working conditions.

All bikes come with blue registration papers.

Honestly, they work as near new bikes. You will have a lot of mileage to ride over the coming years. Honda is a legend in Vietnam and you can find semi-automatic scooters everywhere, some can be over 50 years old and still work!

Note about motorbikes for sale

As a note, most of the used touring motorbikes for sale in Vietnam are a Chinese copy of the Honda Win 100cc. They can be more trouble than fun. For more information please check it here. We never use this model nor consider it as a touring bike, our smallest touring bike is 125cc, much bigger!

Contact us at [email protected] for more information about our used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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