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COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) MESSAGE: The situation in Vietnam is under good control. Our office is open and you can hire motorbikes or scooters from us. The booking for Vietnam motorbike tours is available and you can book now with good deals. You can change the dates (no extra charge) if flights are delayed. Thank you for your attention!

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Motorbike Adventures. Scooter Hire In Hanoi.


Welcome to the official homepage of Hidden Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, a professional off-road motorbike tour operator based in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam.

We currently offer three guided off-road Vietnam motorcycle tours below. These tours work with different budgets, timing, and duration. While riding with us, you will discover a hidden Vietnam that is lesser known.

Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Tours

These tours are recommended for intermediate and experienced riders. We suggest either new Honda XR125L or the larger XR250 and Baja. Ride where you want to see and experience a lesser known Vietnam!

Vietnam Fantastic Motorcycle Tours

Tours designed for riders with some riding experience and intermediate bikers. Best motorbikes are either the new manual 125cc XR125L or CGL125. A bit off-road riding is possible and you will see a Vietnam away from the tourist trails!

Vietnam Easy Motor-Scooter Tours

Specially designed for beginners and novice riders or those who want to ride like local people. We only use either 110cc semi-automatic or 125cc fully automatic scooters. Best for sealed and secondary roads in low mountain areas.

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Motorbike Adventures. Scooter Hire In Hanoi.. Vietnam motorbike tours, motorcycle tours and scooters rentals, either on or off-road with Hidden Vietnam dirt bike tours


If you want to join one of our existing Vietnam motorcycle tours with places still available please follow this link. We also offer a motorbike driving (riding) lesson for people who have no or little motorcycle riding skills but want to join us. After this 1-2 hours lesson, you will feel much more confident to flow in Vietnamese traffic river. The cost is 30$US/person.

We’ve been providing Vietnam motorcycle tours and rentals for years. Over the time, we have designed many different motorcycle itineraries that cater for any riding experience and tempo you prefer. You can experience adventures on two wheels on manual bikes, dirt bikes or even scooters. In fact, there is no need to follow any set itinerary because you will decide with the guide for any better change you think. To see more details of sample itineraries please click on the links below.

Vietnam’s Short Motorcycle Tours Around Hanoi

2-day trip on motorbike To Mai Chau in Hoa Binh province. Vietnam motorcycle toursIn just one short day, you could join us on this motorbike tour in the surrounding areas of Hanoi. It’s not a known Hanoi in guide books or magazines! There are a few options to choose from, our tours cater for different riding experiences, expectations, and budgets. Despite the short ride, this tour is for intermediate and experienced riders only.

If time allows, you may do a longer ride in two or three days tour to Mai Chau valley and Pu Luong Natural Reserve. Mai Chau is a district in Hoa Binh province, not far away from Hanoi and is home to a few hill tribal people such as Thai, H’mong, Dao, Muong etc. You will experience great food, sleep in a stilt-house of Thai people and possibly join Xoe dance.

Please follow this link to a sample itinerary.

North-Centre Roof Roads of Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

5-day trip on motorbike in Vietnam on the Hoang Lien range. Vietnam motorcycle toursHoang Lien is the highest mountain range in Vietnam. Fansipan, top or roof of Indochina is on this range, near Sapa. High elevation, cool weather, terrace rice fields, impressive views and colourful hill tribes make this a fantastic off-road motorbike tour in just 5 days. Come ride with us and see amazing roads, views and meet friendly people. This motorbike tour is most suitable for experienced riders.

Please follow this link to a sample itinerary.

Northeast Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

6-day trip on motorbike in Vietnam riding Highway 4Northeast Vietnam is one of the most beautiful areas in North Vietnam. Breathtaking landscapes like Cao Bang mountains, Ba Be lake, Ban Gioc waterfalls and Highway 4 plus warm and friendly Tay and Nung people will definitely make you feel very welcome. Good for experienced and inexperienced riders.

Please follow this link to a sample itinerary.

Scenic Ha Giang, Ban Gioc Falls & Historical Highway 4

9-day trip on motorbike in Vietnam riding Highway 4, Ha Giang, Cao Bang and Ban Gioc waterfallsThis is, in fact, the most scenic and popular tour that our customers booked. There is not enough word to say about the beauty of high mountain views in Ha Giang, Dong Van Geopark, Cao Bang, Ban Gioc waterfalls and Highway 4 (RC4). In addition to the stunning landscape, you will experience the local way of life in home stays in host families & stilt-houses. This is truly a typical trip that shows YOU a REAL VIETNAM! The roads in this area are less travelled than the Northwest and the scenery is much more beautiful than anywhere in Vietnam. Join this trip and you will have it as one of your most fantastic rides of your life!

Please follow this link to a sample itinerary.

Northwest Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

8-day trip on 2 wheels in Vietnam riding rough roadsNorthwest Vietnam is a very beautiful place but the roads are quite rough. There are more hill tribe people in this area than anywhere in Vietnam. Due to road works and landslides (in summer) and cold, misty weather (in winter), this motorbike adventure is best for intermediate and experienced riders.

Please follow this link to a sample itinerary.

Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road Motorcycle Tours In Vietnam

6-day trip on motorcycle riding through Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh trail/roadThere is too much information about Ho Chi Minh trail and BBC’s Top Gear Vietnam Special featured some of the Trail in their 2008 show. Join us to retrace Top Gear route and see how bad the war was. American veteran riders are also welcome! This tour is good for experienced and inexperienced riders.

Please follow this link to a sample itinerary.

Great Loop Of Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

16-day trip on motorcycles riding through North Vietnam in a big loopIf time and budget allow, join this long motorbike voyage exploring Northern Vietnam in a big circuit. You will see almost everything that Northern Vietnam has to offer. The roads are long and challenging but in return, you will do something that not many people ever did. This ride would suit riders from intermediate to experienced levels.

Please follow this link to a sample itinerary.

In addition to these samples, we also designed many other customized motorbike tours in Vietnam that we can discuss to cater for your personal riding skills, likes, and expectations.

Watch Videos?

Please watch a video below about one of our Vietnam motorbike tours taken in early 2018.



Want to Self-guide?

You can also just rent motorbikes from us and do your self-guided Vietnam motorcycle tours. We offer reliable Honda bikes, tool kits, spare parts, maps, tips, and advice. In addition, telephone support is available through our English speaking staff.

Our Hanoi-based Motorbike Rental Business

Hanoi off-road motorbike, motorcycle & scooter hire (rentals)

Apart from offering Vietnam motorcycle tours above, Hidden Vietnam has been renting touring motorbikes and motor-scooters since 2006. Only Japanese Honda bikes are provided, 125cc or below are new or late models, 250cc are older due to taxes (new CRF250L costs about 10,000$US and we can’t do business at that nonsense price!?!). You can hire our bikes on a long term, mid-term or short term and rates will be advised when we agree on details.

Notes about rental bikes

Our business has been providing near new or latest models of scooters in Hanoi. In fact, we only provide genuine Honda products, no other brands or Chinese fakes. Please take these details into account when you decide which bike to hire. Ask about bike model and year of manufacturing, don’t just look at prices. This is a really important factor for your successful Vietnam motorcycle tours. In general, our rates are not the cheapest but are competitive and the quality is among the best.

Contact us in case you need more details of great Vietnam motorcycle tours!

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