This page provides more details about add-on services to your Vietnam motorbike tours. Hidden Vietnam offers guided motorbike tours and unguided motorcycle rentals. We use 2016 – 2017 Japanese Honda dual sport dirt bikes XR150L 150cc and 2014 – 2019 dual enduro Honda CRF150/250L 150-250cc, and 2014-2018 semi-automatic or automatic scooters. Quality at reasonable prices. We are not offering the cheapest price but in the long run, you save. Support and back-up are available with an English speaking staff and we have no hidden charge.

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours Add-on Services, a large group with a support truck

Below are some add-on services you may add to your bookings. Special requirements will also be provided (if legal and available).

Vietnam’s Visa On Arrival (VOA)

We simply get a pre-approved visa letter (in two working days, express letter in a day is 10$US/person extra) and you take a copy to get the official stamp at the airports in Vietnam. This is not good if you arrive by land. For a standard tourist 30 -day visa, you pay us 20$US/person for the letter and 45$US to the border police to get the stamp. There is only a short form you need to fill in. Longer duration of a Vietnamese visa costs more, both for the letter and the stamp.

Hotel Room Booking In Hanoi

We book hotel rooms in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, these hotels are only five minutes walk to our office. The cost of a room is from 29$US to 70$US/night depending on the types of room. In general, they are two to three stars hotels, offer good services, and are honest. In addition, they don’t rush you to buy classic tours to earn a commission.

Airport Transfers In Hanoi

We work with private car owners, not dodgy taxi drivers, who provide professional transfer services. They won’t take you around for commission, just take you to the address you want. If you forget anything in their car, the chance to have it back is big. No meter to worry about.

Motorbike Riding Lesson In Hanoi

We recommend this lesson if you are new to motorbikes or want to flow comfortably with Vietnamese scary traffic. The cost is 30$US/person and in one or two hours. After this lesson, you can ride safely in Vietnam. The good news is nobody who took this lesson has had an accident while riding in Vietnam. Possibly, we show them the practical local rules, not those printed in books or available on the Internet.

This motorbike riding lesson is only provided to customers who want to rent scooters for riding in Hanoi as a commuter or riders who join our guided trips. It’s not provided as a stand-alone service. Therefore, if you want to explore Vietnam on your own on self-guided trips and want this motorbike lesson then sadly we don’t offer it. Riding in Vietnam is dangerous and it requires much more than just riding ability. It’s, in fact, more like a game of coming back in one piece!

Recently, some of our clients who never ride two wheels before came and tried a lesson. It didn’t work. Make sure at least you ride a two-wheel vehicle before like a bicycle, an electric scooter, an automatic scooter, or a pushbike. If you never ride any of these, rent a bicycle in Hanoi before taking this lesson. It helps save time!

Support Truck – One Of The Most Popular Add-on Services

If the budget allows or you ride with a large group (8+) or bring heavy equipment, you should consider a support truck. It carries all bags, spare bikes, and parts. You save time for loading/unloading bags and can travel back to base in case of an emergency.

Contact us at [email protected] for more details about other add-on services you need.

Add-on Services video

If you want to find out more about how easy riders do it with a support truck that carries all luggage on a Vietnam motorbike tour our company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.


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