Why Our Office Off-road?

Here are the details to contact us in Hanoi.

Hidden Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, part of Offroad Motorcycle Adventure Travel. We have been offering Japanese Honda road and dirt/trail bikes and motor-scooter rentals since late 2006. However, we don’t use any other brands, especially Chinese copy like many shops.

Our office is in fact not difficult to find if you print out this page. First, go to number 34A or 36 Nguyen Huu Huan Street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi in Hoan Kiem district, then enter the little alley between number 34A and number 36. Finally, find the third back door on the left as indicated on the below map (~10m from the main street). Our sign is in orange color. You can also enter this little street from Hang Bac and/or Luong Ngoc Quyen street but it’s more difficult to navigate. Below is a photo of our office.

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Contact Us: Office photo in Hanoi.

Contact Us Details

Add: 36 Nguyen Huu Huan street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, VIETNAM.
Office phone: 024 3926 3433 (domestic). +84 24 3926 3433 (international)
Mobile: 0913 047509 / 0985 642546 (domestic). +84 913 047509 / +84 985 642546 (international)
Email: [email protected]

Skype screen name: offroadvietnam
Viber, WhatsApp, Zalo, iMessage and FaceTime: +84 913047509

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Google Maps Location screenshot

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Our office location on Google Maps.

Contact us – YouTube video direction

We created a video on YouTube to help you find us. In case you can’t locate our office, please watch the video below.


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