This page lists the prices of our motorbike tours and rentals in Vietnam, starting from Hanoi. Hidden Vietnam Motorcycle Tours currently provides three tour packages through Vietnam. They are unguided motorbike tours (bike rentals), semi-guided motorbike tours (bike and guide), and fully guided tours (all-inclusive). The prices are in United States Dollars. However, you can pay in any currency you want or credit cards (plus bank service 3-4%).

Unguided motorbike tours

If you could manage everything by yourself, physically strong, and know things about Vietnamese customs and traditions then choose this option. In addition, you need to know the bike mechanic basics.

The prices for this option starts from 15$US/bike/day (Honda sport touring road bike CGL 125cc) to 25$US/bike/day (Honda trail bikes 2013/14 XR125) and 35$US/bike/day (Honda dirt bike XR250).

Getting lost is likely but that’s an adventure, isn’t it? We will provide a map, road rules, a small phrasebook, a tool kit, and spare parts and tips to help with your plan.

Half-guided motorcycle adventures

This tour is for people who want freedom and flexibility.

The tour guides speak English fluently and provide super professional services. You pay us the hire of bikes and a guide in advance and then pay everything on the road for yourselves and the guide. You decide where to eat and stay if you request our guide will help with information and advice. In reality, a local guide adds value that you only know when you complete your adventure.

The prices are bike rentals (see above) plus 100$US/day for the guide and also his bike.

For example, if you are two people wanting to hire two Honda XR125 and a guide then you pay 150$US per day for two people.

Fully guided motorcycle journeys

This is, in fact, the most popular option our customer booked.

It’s not an adventure but a safe journey. In addition to the two options above, our professional staff will always be with you. In other words, you don’t have to worry about negotiating with services on the road. We choose the most typical Vietnamese food, prepared for Westerner taste (no bone inside) and clean and comfy hotels or warm homestays. You see a very REAL VIETNAM that very few people ever saw. For days, you might not meet any white skin people at all.

The prices depend on the size of your group and the bike you choose. Below are the prices for the standard bike (new 2014 Honda CGL 125cc). Additional charges for bike shipping and the tour guide’s flight ticket(s) are extra for any tour that doesn’t end in Hanoi. Upgrade to dirt bikes cost more. From seven people there will be a second guide, each rides with maximum of six riders.
– One person: 189$US/day
– Two people: 129$US/person/day
– Three people: 119$US/person/day
– Four people: 109$US/person/day
– Five people or more: 99$US/person/day

Contact us at [email protected] for more details and options for the prices.

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