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Reviews By Our Customers

Below are some motorbike tours reviews our customers sent after completing their adventures with us. More Vietnam motorbike tours reviews we suggest to check at Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel.

Mr. Jeremy Collins

(8 days Honda dirt bike 250cc tour, ~1,600 km.)

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Motorbike Tours Reviews. Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours Reviews by Mr. Jeremy Collins (Australia)

I went on this tour with very high expectations and they didn’t disappoint.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: The tempo was fine. I was initially worried that it might be a bit too much but we had no problems at all.

Bikes and equipment: The bikes were great, They never let us down once and were the right size for the tour that we did.

Accommodation: Accommodation was fine. I enjoyed the home stays the best.

Food: The food was absolutely fantastic. I was a little disappointed that when I travelled south the food wasn’t as good as what we had on the tour.

Guide and organisation: Our guide (Linh) was great. He made the tour very enjoyable and made sure that we had no problems. Offroad Vietnam is very professionally run. We had some trouble with flights and they were very helpful. They even arranged for our motorbike gear to be posted back to Australia. 4-star service.

Price: Could not complain at all about the price. Very competitive and value for money. Can’t go wrong.

How did you know about us? I found out about Offroad Vietnam through the Internet.

Full name: Jeremy Collins

Mr. Kevin Day

(11 days Honda dirt bike 250cc adventure, ~2,000 km)

Hi Anh,

I have just arrived back in Australia after two weeks in Thailand. The trip we did with you was one of the best trips I have ever done. I travel a lot every year all around the world this year alone I have spent 4 months traveling around Europe and Asia. Your trip has been a highlight. Lee was a fantastic guide, always helpful, and willing to change the itinerary as required. I would not change anything about the trip we did the food, accommodation and bikes were all fantastic. The bikes are getting a little old but were perfect for the riding conditions and the fact they are mechanically simple makes them easy to fix should there be a problem. Other than two flat tyres which are to be expected we had no problems.

I will recommend your company to everyone I know and expect to be with you again in the next couple of years maybe do the trip south to Ho Chi Minh City. Once again thanks for a great holiday and please pass on my thanks to Lee.


Kevin Day.

Ms. Margaret Stewart

(8 days Honda road bike 160cc tour, ~1,400 km)

I am giving out your business cards to people here. Missing Hanoi!!

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: the steady tempo set by Thon was very good indeed – we could buzz around behind him, slow down and then catch up.

One difference this time – we did not stop to fix tyres and so did not meet people along the way like we did the first time. Stopping in little villages for little rests (not the lunch stop) would have been fun. Half village short stops and half scenic view short stops might be a better mix.

Bikes and equipment: Guy has written on this.

Accommodation: The best hotels were those where we could meet easily eg in the one by the river we easily found the veranda looking down on the river (good food there by the way).

We did not often know where the rooms of others were in a hotel and lost each other eg at the first hotel. None of us found an area to meet until next day. Restaurant too noisy.

Some of us had soft beds, some did not in the same hotel. We would have appreciated a soft bed.

Food: Great.

Guide and organisation: Very good.

Full name: Margaret Stewart
Address: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

Mr. Guy Allen

(8 days Honda dirt bike 250cc tour, ~1,400 km)

We all had a great trip. Your guides were fantastic, and I appreciate the trouble you went to make this a great journey.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: Overall very good. Loved the lazy days where we could stop and walk about the local markets. Also appreciated a stop where we could get laundry done over an 8-day tour.

Bikes and equipment: The XR250s and the XL225 were perfect. Maintenance was not. One of the GL160s had what looked like 10-year-old brake fluid, which failed. One or more of the XL250s was running too lean, which is a false economy, as you end up working the bike harder than it needs to.

Accommodation: Great. Much preferred the homestays and really liked the riverside stay on day 4 of the 8-day northern trip.

Food: Great, no problems. Would prefer Pho most mornings, rather than pancakes.

Guide and organisation: Excellent. The guides were terrific, including Son the truck driver. All of them were good company and patient. They made a terrific team.

Price: No problem. Great value.

How did you know about us? We’re repeat customers. You’re also getting lots of local (to Australia) publicity. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but in addition to Grant and me, you had three other writers on the trip – two motoring, and one travel.

Full name: Guy Allen

Mr. Mick Crowe

Mr. Mick Crowe (11 days Honda dirt bike 250cc tour, ~1,800 km)

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Motorbike Tours Reviews by by Mr. Mick Crowe (Australia)

We were 12 people from different backgrounds on the trip and every one of us agrees we had a fantastic time. I will definitely be back for another trip! Thanks for being so easy to deal with, you and your people are very honest, helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Looking forward to next time.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: was really good, we had a group with different levels of skill, and any faster or slower would have upset one part of the group. The guides did a good job of monitoring rider skills and adjusting to suit. If we had a group with a better skill level, fewer stops would be better but if we were all less skillful more stops is better.

Bikes and equipment: The bikes are really well suited, although they are older and need a bit of TLC we all grew very attached to our “steeds”, the support truck made the trip so much easier and the driver did a great job.

Accommodation: Accommodation was great, clean, and neat. Let’s face it all you really need is a good shower, cold beer, and a bed and we got all of that. The homestays are great really nice to meet the families.

Food: Hard to please everyone when it comes to food but I found it to be terrific and plentiful. I travelled to Vietnam to experience your culture and I think we got a good taste of it. Some people who are more conservative commented that they were a bit homesick for western food but I enjoyed it.

Guide and organisation: First class!!! These guys are fantastic individuals and as a group they had us laughing all the time. They have a good way of working with the group so we got the most out of our experience. The organisation was really well done our hotels and food were always organised, bikes were serviced ready for us each morning. The guides had a good knowledge of the area and explained where we were going and something about the people and culture. These guys made the trip into an experience that we will never forget.

Price: Extremely reasonable, the trip was excellent value for money. I have spoken to people who have done more expensive trips who have not had as much fun.

How did you know about us? A Friend recommended you and I had also found your website, (which is excellent). After I had booked I also saw stories in Motorcycle Trader magazine and Bikesales website. You guys are getting a lot of people who have travelled with you recommending you to others in Australia. I will be telling all my friends!

Full name: Mick Crowe

Mr. Chris Grew

(8 days Honda dirt bike 250cc adventure, ~1,300 km)

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: The tour tempo was good giving the conditions. It would have been nice to see the lake (like another tour we came across), but I guess we didn’t have the time.

Bikes and equipment: The bikes were a little small for me, but I understand they are large for Vietnam. I used XR 650’s in Peru and that works better for me as I’m about 105KG. It went fast enough for me, just a little small.

Accommodation: Accommodation was great. We enjoy the home stays more than anything else, it really makes the trip authentic.

Food: I enjoyed the food. I’m not a fussy eater, so even dog, bees, and whatever else we had was fine with me. I enjoy trying new cultures, and that includes their food.

Guide and organisation: Linh was a great guide. He’s easy to get along with, knows his stuff, was good fun to be around and he really made the effort to make sure we were having a good time. I would recommend him to anybody. I think he really made the trip special.

Price: The price was what we expected.

How did you know about us? Internet.

Full name: Chris Grew
Address: From ENGLAND via USA.

Mr. Bill Thomas

Mr. Bill Thomas (10 days Honda dirt bike 250cc adventure, ~1,400 km)

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Motorbike Tours Reviews by Mr. Bill Thomas (U.S.A)

Dear Anh Wu,

My feelings are that every part of the 10-day bike trip was great. It was wonderful to be able to do the trip at age 73. The bikes were great, along with the stopovers, accommodations, and food. I felt that our guide Thon was fantastic, and you as a company did a good job. The price of the tour was very reasonable, and I loved seeing the Northern part of your country with the various hill tribes. I heard about you from an acquaintance I met when I was on a Motorcycle ride in California. He told me it was the best trip he had been on, and I concur.


Bill Thomas.

Mr. Andrew Kay

Mr. Andrew Kay (8 days Honda dirt bike 250cc adventure, ~1,500 km)

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Motorbike Tours Reviews by Mr. Andrew Kay (Australia)

I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the ride, it was even better than my expectations. The boys already want me to organise another one, so with a bit of luck (from the wife), I will be seeing you all again soon.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: Each day’s length of riding was very good. Some days were fairly long and a couple was fairly short. Overall excellent, we always managed to arrive well before dark even with plenty of stops and minor problems such as flat tyres. It was good to have the odd shorter day as we arrived earlier and had more time to meet the people at the homestays and relax.

Bikes and equipment: Bikes were EXCELLENT. I was expecting (and warned the boys to also expect) bikes that were quite rough and flogged out with 160,000kms on them from doing so many trips and riders being rough on them. Well, what a pleasant surprise to check over the bikes and see that they were all in great condition- good tyres, all controls and levers straight, no sticking throttle cables, and all disc brakes and pads in good condition. None of the seats were torn and the tyres were all very good. The tyres were a road/trail type and were perfectly suited to the conditions we rode.

In the beginning, the boys were all worried about riding JUST a 250, as they all ride 250 2 strokes or WR/KTM450s, etc. A couple of days into the ride they all agreed the XR250’s were the perfect bike, as speeds were between 40-60kmph for 90% of the time, they had enough power for overtaking and to get us out of trouble, but not too much so that it would get us into trouble! Also, the fat and comfy seats were a dream for longer days.

Food: Excellent, we made no special requests for food, and the Vietnamese food provided was excellent, especially at the homestays.

Guide and organisation: The ride was organized superbly. Not once did we have to worry or stress about a single thing – it was all taken care of and “No Problem”. Our guide Thon was an absolute great bloke and rider and both he and our back up truck driver Hai were fantastic and had a great sense of humour.

Price: The price is a shade more expensive than some of the others, but I am POSITIVE that the quality of this ride is far superior. The Bikes and guides were perfect and added to the perfect trip.

How did you know about us? Through research online and then I also saw you mentioned in a guide book, this helped to sway me a little, as I then knew you were a very reputable company and we were not going to be ripped off. Once the ride was booked and organized I heard of 2 different groups of my home town (Shepparton) that had done rides in Vietnam that had not gone well. One group was ripped off and the other group was so disappointed that they abandoned their ride halfway through. I will not mention which 2 companies they were through but can assure you that it was NOT through Offroad Vietnam.

Full name: Andrew Kay

Mr. Stephen McAuley

(11 days scenic Ha Giang, Honda GL160, ~1,800 km)

Overall the trip was fantastic and I really enjoyed it a lot and I will hopefully come back again. I’d like to come back in October or November, Linh said this was the best time to ride in Vietnam.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: I thought the tempo was very good, the second day was very long and made hard with the wet weather we had, but other than that was just about right. We covered a lot of ground and rode some fantastic roads and in beautiful areas.

Bikes and equipment: I felt the website was trying to suggest that the GL160 bike is good for the trip, but if I had to change one thing about the trip I would have chosen the XR250. The GL’s are very old and although can do the trip on the muddy roads they struggled and they are a little small for Westerners! Also, a little more information about specific things to bring during the Winter months would be helpful, where it was much colder than anybody expected. If I knew just what the temperature it would be in the mountains I would have brought extra-warm clothes and waterproofs. I thought it would be in the 10-20 degree range but it more like 2-10 degrees.

Accommodation: A couple of the hotels were a little rough- a bit dirty and damp which was one of the only bad things about the tour when paying over $100/day but I know the choice is limited in some areas.

Food: Excellent food throughout the tour.

– Guide: Well organised and very good guide who tried to make the trip fun and get over any small problems we encountered.

Price: I thought the trip was good value for money considering what we did and saw. I thought the extra $30/day for the XR250 bike was a bit too much but with hindsight, I should have paid it and got one.

How did you know about us? Google search.

Full name: Stephen McAuley
Address: IRELAND.

Mr. Eric Doucet

(Canada) Mr. Eric Doucet (8 days scenic Ha Giang, Honda XR250, ~1,500 km)

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Motorbike Tours Reviews Mr. Eric Doucet (Canada)

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: Tempo, in general, was good. 2 points – Although at certain points of the ride, when some of us did not feel comfortable making risky, potentially hazardous takeovers, we were encouraged by Thon to take more risks, which caused some anxiety. Understood a certain pace must be maintained and the intention is not to slow down the group, however only within the limits of the drivers’ experience and only within our comfort zones. This should be taken into account when guides are encouraging individuals to push beyond their existing comfort zone. The priority should be safety, not schedule. Also, it feels like we were always trying to stay on schedule at the expense of scenery or stops, or the ability to take in the moment. Not sure if there is a solution to this, just mentioning it.

Bikes and equipment: Bikes were good, miscellaneous breakdowns but nothing Thon could not handle. Although communication during repairs and expected new time of departure would have been appreciated. Being left to wait without instruction or information was frustrating.

Food: Breakfasts were good, Lunches were hit and miss, Dinners were usually good. (Not much variety).

– Guide: Thon was very good, pleasant funny, and always in good spirits. Thon is one of your better assets and was essential in the experience, although he was very time focused. Not sure what his motives were, perhaps in the future he could explain the reason for the hurried schedule or offer some options to the day. But finding that single track trail and venturing off at the end of our trip was amazing. That day was one of the best days on the road is it was not even part of the original plan. More days like that where the group is involved with the decision was what made the experience even more raw and exciting.

Price: Very good value for the price.

How did you know about us? Online research. Convinced because of a Youtube video, Australian Motorcycle Publication, and speaking with past customers.

Full name: Eric Doucet
Address: CANADA.

Mr. Rossa Geraghty

(8 days scenic Ha Giang, Honda XR250, ~1,500 km)

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: I loved the pace of the tour. We could have stopped more often and relaxed a bit more but the speed and challenge suited my common sense/adrenaline-fuelled disposition very well. I am still buzzing 8 weeks later.

Bikes and equipment: The bikes were well maintained if a bit battered and getting on in the years. This was most evident with vibration and shaking when speeds were higher but I realize that they get shocking abuse from the terrain. That said, I liked my bike, it was reliable, very capable, and would happily use the old girl again.

Accommodation: The hotels were poor in some places but I understand that they may be the only options available in rural locations. I would bring a hairdryer next time for heat as they were very cold and damp at times. Thank God it was not raining and that I didn’t have to contend with wet clothes.

Food: I enjoyed the food although it was much the same thing for lunch and dinner every time. This was OK though as there was a huge variety on the table. Breakfast sometimes consisted of just bread and an egg. This could be improved I reckon. I never left the table hungry.

– Guide: Thon was a good guide. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and very sociable. He tended to be in a hurry though. This may be for good reason but I would prefer to have a more relaxed schedule with more stopping, chatting, photos, etc along the way. The rides usually finished around 4pm but didn’t get dark for over 90 mins after that, so time for easier pace was available.

Price: I felt expensive when I first paid for it but it is actually very good value for the money when compared with similar trips in other countries. On reflection, it was worth every penny, and would do it again in a heartbeat. What you cannot put a price on is the great people I met on the trip and the experiences we shared.

How did you know about us? Lonely Planet.

– Suggestions: If you are going into the mountains of the North of Vietnam in winter:
Bring warm clothes and a small heater (hairdryer) for the hotel.
Bring or rent protective biking gear.
Bring some casual clothes for wearing in the evening (every bike garment will be caked in dust).
A fleece outdoor jacket is a must for the cold evenings! (Lowe Alpine, North Face, etc)
Bring a hoodie top and a beanie/ski hat and a neck tube for riding.
You are dealing with temps of 10C / 50F at night.
Prepare to enjoy beer and having the time of your life.

Full name: Rossa Geraghty
Address: IRELAND.

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