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For Intermediate Riders – Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours

For Intermediate Riders

Hidden Vietnam designed this type of motorbike tours specifically for intermediate riders. These riders have average off road riding ability but still look for exciting off road motorbike adventures. In fact, this tour offers fantastic riding into remote locations close to the Lao and Chinese border areas.

For a total distance of around 1,500 kilometers, we have combined some of the best sections of the famous North Centre Loop with awesome off road trails riding into hill tribe villages and over high mountain passes in Ha Giang and Northeast Vietnam. The concept of this tour is based on our challenging tours for experienced riders but with the more technical riding taken out of the equation. However, don’t expect it to be a ‘walk in the park’ all the time! Each day will bring different style routes with varying degrees of difficulty. We aim to improve your riding skills while you are with us.

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - For Intermediate Riders: Moderate on and off road motorbike tours in Vietnam for intermediate or less experienced riders

This tour is from at least 6 days with average 5 hours riding a day (200km). The speed limit in Vietnam is low (60km/h) so km here is not your km at home. Riding 200km would take around 6 hours! If time allows, spare 8 days and we will show you the most scenic area. You ride to Ha Giang and Northeast Vietnam, known for scenic views and rich culture.

Rider Skill Requirements

This tour is not suitable for riders with no off road experience. However, it would suit riders who ride a manual bike either road or off road motorcycle. People joining this tour must have at least average on or off road experience. In addition, they need to be competent riders on the paved roads. We are able to alter the routes to suit the riding ability of the group. Therefore, please contact us before booking this tour to ensure you are booked into a group that will suit your riding experience.

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