Self-guided Motorbike Tours In Vietnam

If you love motorbiking with a sense of fun and could manage self-guided motorbike tours on your own, you have come to the right place.

Our rental fleets for your self-guided motorbike tours

Enduro bikes, road touring motorcycles, motor-scooters, and safety riding gear are for independent (self-guided) riders to hire on daily basis. Hidden Vietnam Motorcycle Tours only rents out Japanese Honda manual clutch motorbikes from 125 to 250cc and scooters from 110-125cc. These bikes are in good working condition. To book our bike(s), we require a deposit payment before you pick up.

We don’t use any other brands or cheap Chinese copy cats. Note that there are many shops (80%) in Hanoi that provide Chinese Win 110cc. In fact, these Chinese bikes are craps and you can have more details at this link.


One-Way Motorbike Rental In Vietnam

We have not offered one-way rentals yet. Many clients asked if we could deliver or collect bike(s) in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City – HCMC) and rode the same route as the “Top Gear Vietnam Special” show and sadly the answer is “no”. In fact, all rentals start and end in Hanoi only.

A free map, Vietnamese phrasebook, road rules, advice, and tips are available when you pick up the bike(s) from our Hanoi office. We share our passion for this truly amazing country and getting lost is also part of an adventure. Even a flat tire will give you a chance to have many more new friends. In many cases, some clients were sad because they had no puncture!

Since December 2006, Hidden Vietnam Motorcycle Tours has helped with over 200 self-guided motorbike tours (about 600 riders). They all saw what they planned to explore and most had it beyond their expectations.

For the cost of motorbike rental we provide in Hanoi, please follow this link.

Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Tours - Self-guided Motorbike Tours

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