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All-inclusive Guided Motorbike Tours – Hidden Vietnam Motorbike Adventures

All-inclusive Guided Motorbike Tours Of Vietnam

All-inclusive guided motorbike tours to Asia – one of the most exciting places on earth for motorcycle touring. Vietnam is a wonderful place, one of a few Asian countries offering stunning landscape, high twisty mountain roads, and friendly people. From Hanoi, Hidden Vietnam Motorcycle Tours offers many types of amazing on/off-road adventures. These can either be on two wheels like motorcycles, motorbikes or motor-scooters or 4×4 vehicles. In addition, we use anything that can go off road, off the beaten tracks or off the tourist trails.

All guided motorbike tours start from Hanoi but can end anywhere in the country. You pay us in one piece and enjoy the ride, there is no need to negotiate with bike repair, restaurants, killer traffic and a place to stay overnight.


How We Ride

Our motorbike rides are not extreme off-road holidays. In reality, we ride on a variety of roads, both on and off road. Most of our tours are private and customized, but some are open for more riders to tag along. In other words, we don’t run trips on set dates.

Tours are designed by professional local riders for foreign riders. We show you a different Vietnam away from the mass tourism. With us, you venture many places less travelled, less visited, unspoiled and not yet mentioned in many guide books. Conquering the high twisty roads, hairpin turns and meeting real local people who welcome foreigners as special guests who bring good luck to their homes.

Motorbiking is probably the best way to freedom as you can stop wherever and whenever you want. Feeling pot holes under your belt, meeting the kids, shaking hands and having a cup of green tea with local people in the roadside “cafes or tea shop” offer the Real Vietnam. Windy mountain roads, lush green rice fields, historical Highway 6, Highway 4 and Dien Bien Phu battlefield, legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road, Khe Sanh combat base, coastal Highway 1, foggy Sapa, cloudy Ha Giang, magnificent Ban Gioc waterfalls and picturesque Halong Bay are just a few typical places you will see and much more is waiting for you to discover. Riding on the empty countryside and mountain roads is always a different feeling from the crowded roads in big cities.

Why Ride Guided?

The speed limit is only 60km/h and we ride slower to firstly play it safe and secondly take in the stunning views.

Away from big cities, people wave and say “hello” as you pass by. They will gather around you when you stop to welcome you, touch your skin and try to understand why you are so hairy. Moreover, they like to look at the bikes because they hardly ever see one like this before.

Every trip to our guides is a new discovery and a chance to make more new friends. This helps build up the relationship which in the end is an added value to the whole trip.

The tour leaders are all good with mechanic repairs. They speak Vietnamese, English and some dialect languages. With them, you will see the best of Vietnam and have more new friends. They are the real assets of our company. In general, most have been leading motorbike travel for many years.

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